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[SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun/BioPSE Version 1.24.0b Now Available!

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  • From: David Weinstein <>
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  • Cc: SCI List <>,, Scirun Develop <>
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun/BioPSE Version 1.24.0b Now Available!
  • Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 01:48:50 -0700

Dear SCIRun-Users,

A beta release of of the new SCIRun/BioPSE distribution (1.24.0b) is now available! We will be releasing a final stable version in about two weeks. Between now and then, we would very much appreciate any feedback / bug-reports you can provide us!

This release of SCIRun/BioPSE contains a new PowerApp called "BioImage", for processing and visualizing medical image volumes. With BioImage, users can directly load a variety of native data formats (e.g. DICOM, Analyze, VFF, NRRD, PICT) and can then apply processing algorithms to specify and enhance regions of interest within the volume (e.g. cropping, resampling, histogram equalization, median filtering, contrast / brightness). The BioImage visual interface allows users to interact with their data both in 2D "slice views" (powered by the new ViewSlices module), as well as in a full 3D "volume rendering view" (powered by our new high-performance volume rendering modules). Users can seamlessly move between the 2D and 3D views to precisely control how different features of their data are displayed, and to gain both quantitative and qualitative insights into their data. All of these features are described in detail in our new BioImage tutorial:

In addition to BioImage (and the new volume rendering and slice-viewing modules that drive it), we have made many other improvements to SCIRun / BioPSE in version 1.24 -- please see our release notes for details:

As always, our software is available from the SCI Institute's Software download page:

For this release we have made source code available, as well as RPMs for Linux (Mandrake 9.x and RedHat 9.x), and a new binary distribution for Mac OSX 10.3. For information on installing SCIRun, please see the platform-specific Installation Guides on the top left of this page:

If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to me directly. You can also email with general SCIRun questions or with any specific problems you encounter.

David Weinstein

NCRR Technical Manager
SCI Institute, University of Utah

  • [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun/BioPSE Version 1.24.0b Now Available!, David Weinstein, 02/11/2005

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