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[SCIRUN-USERS] Problems with Fedora Core 3

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  • From: Grégoire Walckiers <>
  • To:
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] Problems with Fedora Core 3
  • Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 13:49:57 +0200

Hi Everyone

sorry to bother you but we're still having huge troubles using BioPSE on Fedora Core 3

We installed it from the rpm (SCIRunBioPSE-1.24.1-rh9.0.i386.rpm)
our system is : Fedora Core 3 2.6.12-1.1376_FC3smp #1 SMP Fri Aug 26 23:50:33 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

the application can't execute most of the nets example given in the src.
for example executing crashes and give:

       $ ./scirun
       Loading services, please wait...
       Initializing the tcl packages: tcl, tk, itcl, itk, blt, Done.
       Adding SCI extensions to tcl: OpenGL widget, bevel widget, range
       widget, cursor,  Done.
       Parsing .scirunrc... /home/gwalckiers/.scirunrc
       scirun> Thread "Isosurface"(pid 7659) caught signal SIGSEGV at
       address (nil) (se gmentation violation)
       /usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xb7f661fe]
       /usr/lib/ [0x1a23e0]
       T_+0x55) [0xb1b75881]
       deEE15compute_min_maxERdS5_b+0x5c) [0xb1b7615c]
       rface7executeEv+0xe4) [0xb635c1f0]
       +0xc9) [0xb7fd0669]
       0xe8) [0xb7fc2ad0]
       [ 0xb7f611be]
       /usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xb7f65b20]
       /lib/tls/ [0xc18341]
       /lib/tls/ [0xa97fee]
        -1225509184: main (state = blocking on semaphore, main wait)
        -1214633040: internal service manager (detached, state =
       blocking, connection_l ist_condition_variable)
        -1225512016: TCL main event loop (detached, state = running)
        -1228850256: Scheduler (daemon, detached, state = blocking,
       NetworkEditor reque st FIFO, Mailbox empty condition)
        -1305707600: FieldReader (state = blocking, Module execution
       FIFO, Mailbox empt y condition)
        -1305842768: Viewer (state = blocking, Module execution FIFO,
       Mailbox empty con dition)
        -1305977936: ShowField (state = blocking, DynamicLoader: waits
       for compilation to finish.)
        -1306113104: GenStandardColorMaps (state = blocking, Module
       execution FIFO, Mai lbox empty condition)
        -1306248272: Isosurface (state = running)
        -1306383440: StreamLines (state = blocking, Port mailbox
       (SimpleIPort), Mailbox  empty condition)
        -1306518608: SampleField (state = blocking, Port mailbox
       (SimpleIPort), Mailbox  empty condition)
        -1306653776: ShowField (state = blocking, Port mailbox
       (SimpleIPort), Mailbox e mpty condition)
        -1306788944: Gradient (state = blocking on mutex, Datatype
       ref_cnt lock)
        -1306924112: DirectMapping (state = blocking, Port mailbox
       (SimpleIPort), Mailb ox empty condition)
        -1312306256: OpenGL:
       .uiSCIRun_Render_Viewer_0-ViewWindow_0.wframe.draw (state =
       blocking, OpenGL renderer send mailbox, Mailbox empty condition)

       Abort signalled by pid: 7659
       Occured for thread: "Isosurface"
       resume(r)/dbx(d)/cvd(c)/kill thread(k)/exit(e)?

We also tried to do a
> make clean
of the on-the-fly-libs but then dynamic compilation fail for a lot of modules (can't find "sstream").

Has anybody else met these problems, or has any idea of what to do?

Thanks a lot

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  • [SCIRUN-USERS] Problems with Fedora Core 3, Grégoire Walckiers, 09/08/2005

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