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[SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun on PowerPC (From

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  • From: "J. Davison de St. Germain" <>
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  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun on PowerPC (From
  • Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 13:54:47 -0600

[FYI: This originally bounced because it was not sent from the registered email address.
I've update the list to use to solve this problem in the future.]

Dear all,

I'm trying to build SCIRun with BioPSE on the PowerPC Linux platform. I
managed to compile the Thirdparty libraries, but am running into trouble
with compiling SCIRun itself. While gmake is trying to link the executable
StandAlone/convert/CurveFieldToText (I think it's the first executable the
make file builds), it gives the following error:

g++ -Wl,-rpath
-Llib -Wall -g -fPIC -Wl,-rpath
-Wl,/home/smy223/srcs-gcc/scirun/SCIRun/linux32debug/lib -o
StandAlone/convert/CurveFieldToText StandAlone/convert/CurveFieldToText.o
-lCore_Datatypes -lCore_Util -lCore_Containers -lCore_Persistent
-lCore_Exceptions -lCore_Thread -lCore_Geometry -lCore_Math -lCore_Geom
-lCore_ImportExport -lCore_Malloc -lxerces-c -lm lib/
undefined reference to `_dl_hwcap' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gmake: *** [StandAlone/convert/CurveFieldToText] Error 1

I think I may be using an incompatible glibc on my system, so I'm
wondering if anyone has successfully built SCIRun on PPC Linux before, and
if so, which version of gcc and glibc are used?

Thank you,

  • [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun on PowerPC (From, J. Davison de St. Germain, 09/08/2006

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