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[SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Creation of .fld files

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  • From: Darrell Swenson <>
  • To: Nrbrtx <>
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  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Creation of .fld files
  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 15:53:39 -0600


As you know the .fld is SCIRun's native format, and unfortunately I don't know of any other program that can produce a .fld.  My suggestion would be to read in you mesh using the "ReadField" module.  There is a drop down menu that allows you to select several different format types.  The format will be converted into the "field" format that SCIRun uses.  You can then write it out as a .fld with the "WriteField" module.

I hope this helps,


On May 25, 2012, at 2:50 PM, Nrbrtx wrote:


I have just installed SciRUN 4.6. It is great!
I have a question about "SciRUN field file (*.fld)". There many such files in sample datasets (for example, in cyl3). How I can create *.fld file for my own geometry?

I know about SALOME, tetgen, netgen, gmsh, ElmerGrid. Is it possible to use this tools for creation of *.fld files? What do you recommend for creation of these files?

With best regards,

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