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[SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Assign Colors to Voxels/Cells

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  • From: Ayla Khan <>
  • To: " Mailing List" <>
  • Cc: Jess Tate <>, butsonc Butson <>
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Assign Colors to Voxels/Cells
  • Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 16:27:36 -0600

Jess answered this question off-list and provided the contents for a new detailed FAQ entry on this topic, which is now available on the SCIRun website (under the FAQ tab).


On Jul 1, 2013, at 8:36 AM, butsonc wrote:


Perhaps the best way to make a 3D grid of data is to use the nrrd file format.  Creating a nrrd is quite simple

What is the easiest way to create a nrrd file? This has never been quite clear to me, even after reading the documentation. Is there a tool to assist this process?


and it can be used to better control the geometric information of the grid, such as spacing, size, and origin.  This file format can be read in to SCIRun as a LatVol using the ReadField module and used in many ways.  There are also many module designed specifically for use with nrrd file formats in SCIRun.  Please refer to the for more info on the nrrd format.  


On Jun 20, 2013, at 8:49 AM, Carlos Garavito <> wrote:


I am working with a structured grid and I would like to assign colors to each voxel/cell using an external file which have some numerical values.

I was wondering how to use this in SCIRun I am aware about the read and write field methods but the format is not clear.

I will really appreciate any help with the formats in this case.


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