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Re: [SCIRUN-USERS] brain stimulator tutorial question

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  • From: Jess Tate <>
  • Cc:, 丹 <>
  • Subject: Re: [SCIRUN-USERS] brain stimulator tutorial question
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 17:11:57 -0700

Hi Dan,

It probably did not load the mickey4tDCS.nrrd file correctly.  click on the port from the readField to the SplitFieldByConnectedRegion and press the ‘i’ key.  You should see a list of several properties of the data.  if it is [null data], the file didn’t read.  if There is some info, make sure that the field type has LatVolMesh somewhere in it and the data min max is 1,7.    If these are not the same, then you loaded the wrong file.  

One way to make sure that you load the right file is to to set your SCIRunData path and load the network fresh as distributed from the brainstimulator (if you saved over the network, redownload it).  To set the path go to preferences window (look in the ‘window' menu), and go to the ‘paths' tab.  Find the root directory of the BrainStimulator and press ‘choose’.  Now load the network, it should run without errors.  

You can also choose the correct files in the UI of the readfield modules, but you will need to make sure the correct file type is selected  for the segmentation, you need to load the nrrd with data on the elements.  There are some other Read modules that you will need to set. I think they are matlab format.  


On Mar 2, 2016, at 7:19 AM, Elizabeth Jurrus <> wrote:

Hi Dan,

Forwarding your question onto our mailing list.
- liz
On 3/1/16 7:04 PM, 丹 wrote:
Hello Elizabeth,
    I want to use the scirun to model the TDCS,and I found your "BrainSimulatorTutorial",but when I check it ,I found that it does not work.And I have load the "mickey4tDCS.nrrd" to the module "Readfield" and load "mickey_elc_points.mat" to the module "ReadMatrix" successfully,but the module "GetFieldBoundary" always has the error that "Input data required at port InputField"which is showed in the below picture.
 I am very confused about this error,so could you help me to figure out what is wrong  there?
<Mail Attachment.jpeg>

Hope for your reply!Thank you!
Best wishes!


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