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  • From: Vikas R bhat <>
  • To: Jess Tate <>,
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] About FEM
  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:52:12 +0530

Hi Jess,

I have simple doubt in computing potentials using solve linear system module.

I have tried to simulate FEM for a torsomesh1 with a dipole inside mesh (stiffnesss A= 1689 x 1689 sparse, potentials at nodes b= 1689 x 1 ) with strength (0,0, 14.5) in forward fem.srn.

I understood that, to solve potentials over whole mesh using FEM, phi=A\b equation is used.

In chapter 5 tutorial, I understood that b contains non zero values where the dipole is touching the corners of the mesh. So, 4 values are non zero in 1689 x 1 matrix. 

My doubt is, how to know the initial values (in b matrix) set to the 4 corners (dipole touching inside the mesh). How to compute b matrix (first o/p of applyfem current module).

For example, dipole touching the corners of mesh is at 520, 1068, 1219, 1685 nodes with values -0.04075, -0.7129, 0.07532 and 0.67 respectively. 

On what basis, these initial values are calculated by applyfemcurrent source (first output) module if we have applied the current as 0,0,14.5 in calculate field data with widget size of 1 in show and edit dipole. I have selected "dipole" for source model in gui of applyFEMcurrent module. Pls help me out.



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  • [SCIRUN-USERS] About FEM, Vikas R bhat, 09/14/2017

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