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  • From: Dana Brooks <>
  • To: Jess <>
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  • Subject: Re: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun help
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2018 11:52:11 -0600

Asht hi,

to follow up on Jess' note --- If you are interested in our optimization methods you can find a description in

Seyhmus Guler, Moritz Dannhauer, Burak Erem, Rob Macleod, Don Tucker, Sergei Turovets,  Phan Luu, Deniz Erdogmus, and Dana Brooks, ``Optimization of focality and direction in dense array transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)'', Journal of neural engineering 13 (3), 036020

We have Matlab code that we can provide for this that should interface well with SCIRun (even SCIRun 5 I think) via file reading / writing if needed. We also have added some more optimization capablities that culd be used for tDCS (although we used them in the context of ECoG arrays), described in

Guler S, Dannhauer M, Roig-Solvas B, Gkogkidis A, Macleod R, Ball T, Ojemann JG, and Brooks DH. Computationally Optimized ECoG Stimulation with Local Safety Constraints. NeuroImage 173, pp. 35-48, June 2018

I would be happy to discuss any of this with you or connect you with Seyhmus Guler for more code details if you are interested.



On 8/6/18 2:00 PM, Jess wrote:
Hi Asht,

Yes, please keep the summer course in mind for next year. 

To get started with tDCS optimization, you will need to get familiar with SCIRun.  There are some tutorials available under the user tab at  There is one for the brain stimulation, which includes some description about how to do optimization.  These tutorials are implemented in SCIRun 4.7.  There is a version without the optimization in SCIRun 5 (


On Aug 6, 2018, at 1:44 PM, Asht Mishra <> wrote:

We want to use SCIRun for tDCS optimization studies. I checked details and realized that we missed wonderful opportunity of getting trained at your Institute in July IBM summer course.  We will send someone next year.

Can someone help me in getting started with SCIRun for tDCS optimization?

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Asht Mishra, PhD
Director, NCI Clinical Research Foundation Inc.
111 Howard Blvd, Suite 204 Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856 
Phone: 973-601-0100 x 234
Fax: 973-710-9142


Visiting Research Scientist, Department of Neurology, Yale University School of Medicine New Haven, CT 06511

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