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[SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun data conversion issues

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  • From: yanfeiyang <>
  • To: scirun <>
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun data conversion issues
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 11:36:59 +0800
  • Ironport-sdr: vdMwPiG+xN3b1+5SnJoT8N7jS9d0iVQBjmDpg9FDI2CDtXDFsQC8hUxo3lk019bl7kkLRRNP2O WaGVMAfgoKXgZMvuucaq1+TGRXFZheLLN5MeNfnmZJ+sCCaQ2/cDIgXG+W+2KjEGoQ0wXgRE8v sSwjjQQ1lngszEdYNpg8bNI8HjBRd8HUb2bEfWRcWDNB5dr8mmJdnSlsE5EkVhak5BTS+jZjeh SUdn8OQ2MYCW0tW0evEEgAWeg4RBEiv3hAz6x2UsJMEGKUoSVNrV1mDFzIo5LizeilBlyV//7v DJQ=

When viewing the SCIRun packet, we found that some. Mat files could not be opened with MATLAB. May I ask why? Besides, mat files could not be read by readfield module or converted into. fld files.
We are also unable to view the internal data of the.fld literature. Is there any way to convert our geometric structure to the.fld file format.
Looking forward to your reply.

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