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[SCIRUN-USERS] installation - can't find itk headers

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  • From: "Michael Elbaum" <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] installation - can't find itk headers
  • Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 15:42:23 +0300

Hi.    I have a very early installation problem. I'm having trouble
compiling SCIRun from source on Linux. I installed ITK first, according
to their instructions. The .so files are in
/usr/local/InsightToolkit-1.6.0/Insight-binary/bin. I made links to them
in /usr/local/Insight as well. When I configured and tried to compile
SCIRun  it didn't find them using --with-insight=/usr/local/Insight, but
did find them keeping the cases: --with-Insight=   . It makes okay
through the Teem files, but when it gets to Insight it can't find the
headers. The output is:

g++ -Wall -O2     -I../src/include -I../src -I. -I./include
      -I/usr/include/freetype2  -I./Packages       -MD  -c
../src/Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ -o
In file included from
../src/Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ITKDatatype.h:45:23: itkObject.h:
No such file or directory
../src/Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ITKDatatype.h:48:22: itkImage.h:
No such file or directory
itkRGBPixel.h: No such file or directory
../src/Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ITKDatatype.h:50:23: itkVector.h:
No such file or directory
In file included from
../src/Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ITKDatatype.h:60: syntax error
before `
   ::' token
make: *** [Packages/Insight/Core/Datatypes/ITKDatatype.o] Error 1

In fact these header files are present and located at:
but I don't see how make could find them there. I also tried configuring
--with-Insight= pointing to various depths in the
/usr/local/InsightToolkit-1.6.0 directory but it didn't make any
difference. same error.

Could anybody help on this?


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