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[SCIRUN-USERS] Crash using Field Info

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  • From: Grégoire Walckiers <>
  • To:
  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] Crash using Field Info
  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 18:11:20 +0200


SCIRun crashes very often on my computer while I use FieldInfo.
For example while using FieldInfo after a SampleStructHex (and nothing else) , I've the following error:

Thread "FieldInfo"(pid 3638) caught signal SIGSEGV at address (nil) (segmentation violation)
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xadd738]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xae21fe]
/lib/tls/ [0x60ca48]
/usr/lib/ [0x559981]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0x6de22ba ]
/home/gwalckiers/SCIRun/on-the-fly-libs/Linux/ foAlgoCountTINS_16StructHexVolMeshEE12execute_nodeENS_13LockingHandleINS_4MeshEEE+0x69) [0x486d85]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ 13LockingHandleINS_5FieldEEE+0x765) [0x428dbe1]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0x428ee85]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xb78669]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xb6aad0]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xadd1be]
/usr/local/SCIRun/bin/lib/ [0xae1b20]
/lib/tls/ [0xa221d5]
/lib/tls/ [0x6aa2da]
1555392: main (state = blocking on semaphore, main wait)
16313264: internal service manager (detached, state = blocking, connection_list_condition_variable)
79657904: TCL main event loop (detached, state = running)
8014768: Scheduler (daemon, detached, state = blocking, NetworkEditor request FIFO, Mailbox empty condit ion)
32549808: SampleStructHex (state = blocking, Module execution FIFO, Mailbox empty condition)
32684976: FieldInfo (state = running)

Abort signalled by pid: 3638
Occured for thread: "FieldInfo"
resume(r)/dbx(d)/cvd(c)/kill thread(k)/exit(e)?

As I'm a Linux beginner (I started to use it to use SCIRun), I'ld like to know if it already happens to somebody else or what to do to avoid the crash.

Thanks a lot and kind regards from Switzerland

G. Walckiers

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