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Re: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun/BioPSE Version 1.24.2 (Stable Release) Now Available!

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  • From: "Jinkoo Kim" <>
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  • Subject: Re: [SCIRUN-USERS] SCIRun/BioPSE Version 1.24.2 (Stable Release) Now Available!
  • Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 08:01:19 -0400

Is there any MS windows code or binary?

>>> "McKay Davis" <> 9/26/2005 5:43 PM >>>
Dear SCIRun-Users,

We have just completed a new release of SCIRun/BioPSE version 1.24.2!

With this release, we are pleased to announce SCIRun compiles and runs
on GCC 4.0 and Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger).  Thanks to feedback from the
community, this release has many new features, bug fixes, and offers
better BioImage stability.  Also, the pre-built binary distributions of
SCIRun now include the latest Insight Segmentation and Registration
Toolkit ( release version 2.2.0.

For detailed information about what's new in this release, please see
our Release Highlights page:

As always, our software is available from the SCI Institute's Software
download page:

For this release we have made source code available, RPMs for Linux
(Mandrake 9.x and RedHat 9.x), and binary distributions for Mac OSX 10.3
and 10.4.  For information on installing SCIRun, please see the
platform-specific Installation Guides at the top left of this page:

Unfortunately, this release is still experiencing troubles with volume
rendering on ATI graphics cards on some machines running Linux.  To help
us track this bug, we ask that if you have an ATI card on your Linux
machine, that you please run the src/nets/ and
report the results to us.  Any information about SCIRun/BioPSE volume
rendering on this setup will help us greatly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me email.  You can
also email with general SCIRun questions or with any specific problems you encounter.

We hope you enjoy SCIRun/BioPSE 1.24.2!

McKay Davis

NCRR/SCIRun Developer
SCI Institute, University of Utah
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