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[SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Intersecting Fields

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  • From: Layla Houshmand <>
  • To: Darrell Swenson <>
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  • Subject: [SCIRUN-USERS] Re: Intersecting Fields
  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 15:18:58 -0400

Thanks for that suggestion Darrell.  I built a network to do what you suggested, and I am not getting the output I expected.  Here are some more details:

Field X Type: GenericField<TriSurfMesh<TriLinearLgn<Point> >, TriLinearLgn<double> , vector<double> >  Note: this was an extracted Isosurface
Fields A and B Type: GenericField<QuadSurfMesh<QuadBilinearLgn<Point> >, NoDataBasis<double> , vector<double> >

In the ClipFieldToFieldOrWidget UI:
Location To Test: All Nodes (I tried Element Center as well)
Execute Action: Intersect
I tried this with and without "Execute automatically" selected. 

By visualizing the fields, I know that there is intersection between Field X and Field A.  But the resulting ReportFieldInfo yields nothing other than:
Type: GenericField<QuadSurfMesh<QuadBilinearLgn<Point> >, NoDataBasis<double> , vector<double> >

Is this an issue of incompatible field types?


On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:18 PM, Darrell Swenson <> wrote:
Try using the module ClipFieldToFieldOrWidget.  It allows you to do many binary operations.  Then get the resulting volume using "GetFieldInfo".


On Jun 11, 2012, at 11:02 AM, Layla Houshmand wrote:

> Hi all,
> My previous issue with SCIRun freezing has been solved, and now I am trying to do two things with field intersections:
> 1. Display the intersection of an arbitrary number of fields--MergeFields doesn't seem quite right for this.
> 2. Calculate the overlap between two fields.  I have Field X and Fields A and B.  I'd like to know how much of X lies in A and how much lies in B. It can be in percentage, number of voxels, volume, doesn't really matter.
> I'd like to use SCIRun 4 or later for this, and I'm running SCIRun on 64-bit CentOS 5.6.
> Many thanks!
> Layla
> --
> Layla Houshmand, Ph.D. Candidate
> Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

Layla Houshmand, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

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