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Re: [Seg3D] saving mask

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  • From: Ayla Khan <>
  • To:, Kirsten Elizabeth Stoner <>
  • Cc: Elizabeth Jurrus <>
  • Subject: Re: [Seg3D] saving mask
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:37:08 -0600

Hi Kirsten,

You can turn off the gzip encoding when saving NRRD files in Seg3D in Preferences by turning off file compression in the General tab. If that doesn't work for you as a solution, I'll look into vtk.


On Mar 16, 2016, at 9:34 AM, Elizabeth Jurrus wrote:

forwarding to the seg3d mailing list...
- liz


Is there a way to save a mask in a vtk format? I need to use my mask for resampling in Paraview however due to the gzip encoding of the nrrd format Paraview cannot open the file. Ideally I'd like to use vtk format. Right now I'm loading my mask into 3DSlicer as a nrrd and then exporting as a vtk. But that's a silly work around.

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