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Re: [Seg3D] Seg3D2 export segmentations

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  • From: Pieter Vandemaele <>
  • To: Timothy Brown <>,
  • Subject: Re: [Seg3D] Seg3D2 export segmentations
  • Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2017 15:30:43 +0100
  • Organization: Universiteit Gent

Analyze is deprecated and support should be removed from all current versions of neuroimaging software packages.
Most modern packages do only support Analyze for backwards compatibility but do recommend the use of NIfTI.

A google search yields this:,+nifti+to+nrrd,+and+nrrd+to+nifti

You should consider converting your processing pipeline to NIfTI unless you have a very good reason.

You can convert NRRD to NIfTI with Mevislab. The schematic for that is using ITK:

Then you can use Matlab to convert to Analyze: is also able to do some conversion

Keep in mind that you do 2 conversions, each with his own drawbacks. Always check the data after each conversion step to make sure that Left/Right and origin issues are resolved!

Op 7/03/2017 om 15:03 schreef Timothy Brown:
Hi All,

We have been using Seg3D version 1.2 to create masks in Analyze format.

We have begun using Seg3D2 and I see that default output for segmentations is nrrd

Is there any option to export to Analyze format using newer version of Seg3D2, or can anyone recommend any scripting utilities to convert from nrrd to Analyze?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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