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Re: [Seg3D] Questions about histogram and corrupt binary stl

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  • Subject: Re: [Seg3D] Questions about histogram and corrupt binary stl
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 11:26:01 -0600

Hi Leon,

If you want to see the histogram, you can open the threshold tool.  There is an option logarithmic or linear.  You cannot use this histogram to adjust contrast or brightness, but it will give you an Idea what the data look like.  There is also a histogram equalization filter, as well as some volume rendering functionality where you can set transfer functions based on the histogram.  These might not be exactly what you want, but should help you explore the data.

I’m not having trouble reading stl files in other apps. Can you provide more information, such as which software you tried loading it into, what system you are running, and the steps that you did to generate the stl?


On May 17, 2017, at 3:45 AM, <> <> wrote:


I have two small questions for you.

The first is about adjusting brightness and contrast. When I work with the segmentation program 'Mimics', adjusting brightness and contrast works practically the same as in Seg3D, but in Mimics you also have can check it with, or work on a histogram to adjust brightness/contrast (see figure). Does Seg3D also has some sort of a (hidden?) histogram-aid for this, because it's a very usefull option?


My second question is about exporting an iso surface to stl. When exporting it as a binary-stl it looks like it is corrupt, for I can't load it in any other application! Is this a known issue, or am I doing it wrong?

Your sincerely,
Léon Driessen

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