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Re: [Seg3D] Mac laptops crash after switching view

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  • From: jess <>
  • To: Nic Fiorentino <>
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  • Subject: Re: [Seg3D] Mac laptops crash after switching view
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 12:47:58 -0600
  • Ironport-sdr: 0HfoWfZNVwCUyO3Fun1H8zRlQ6ZggBA2UT3c7YaMZQ0SVCMkLJ4yYomatExmTkBCyJ8M8TnLUI rGIAktb/VmZW0Ce3PF4cZ/YkA08X+6Z/CFkPXV0Vp3P+sp+ahwiSGAvZfvzTXmLABA59jFBTlL 1KChfSYugpOrLE6RDdYcKeVFsaLO9VvC/L0U6R9dqoiqDY/uK1FJtbk4+HAek9aoVLFlH4CYs5 3+1280dfajNgx4STAaolEWzy18q5WI17+AYp78g9IUJ2Ccglv3TelhJgAiYYIScgYI0gA/s/sU F4o=

Hi Nic,

I don’t think we’ve seen this before. Can you provide the OS and Seg3d


> On Oct 7, 2020, at 11:18 AM, Nic Fiorentino <>
> wrote:
> Hi,
> A number of students in my research lab use Mac laptops for segmentation.
> They
> report that Seg3D crashes after switching from the sagittal view (where our
> MR
> images were acquired) to the coronal view and editing a segmentation. (This
> doesn't happen on our Windows machines.) Just switching the view doesn't
> seem
> to cause the issue, but only when editing a segmentation (using the paint
> tool). Everyone has the most up-to-date Seg3d software.
> Has anyone else seen this and/or found a workaround?
> Thanks!
> Nic
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