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[Seg3D] Re: Mask Data Filter

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  • From: Kristen Zygmunt <>
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  • Subject: [Seg3D] Re: Mask Data Filter
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:08:10 -0600

I will need some more information to help troubleshoot this issue. Would you please click on the "i" button on the right-hand Volumes panel for both the label volume and data volume you are using and email the contents of the Volume Information that is displayed? I am specifically interested in the type of volume (it should say either "This is a data volume." or "This is a label volume.") and the Min/Max values.

    Here is the process I use for Mask Data Filter:
1. Create segmentation of data (will be stored in a label volume)
2. Open Mask Data Filter
3. Select the label volume containing the segmented data
4. Either click the Set Mask Label button from the Mask Data panel OR go to the Edit menu -> Set Mask Label
5. Select the data volume containing the data to be masked

At this point, you should have the label volume highlighted in a salmon/pinkish color and the data volume highlighted in a purple color.

6.  Click the Start button on the Mask Data panel

Does this match what you are doing? If not, please also email the exact steps you perform related to using the Mask Data Filter.
It also may be helpful if you can email four screenshots: one showing the segmented data, one showing the data that you want to mask, one showing the entire Seg3D window just before you click the Start button on the Mask Data panel, and one showing the result of the mask data.


On 6/14/10 9:27 AM, wrote:

I am having a problem with the Mask Data Filter. I am currently using Seg3D
version 1.13.0 and am still new to the program. My task is to segment pig
hearts from CT scans and create a gray scale mask of the pig heart. I have 
using the Mask Data filter to create my final mask of the heart but the
weirdest thing keeps happening. The tutorial I have says that Mask Data is
supposed to create a gray scale mask but it will alternate between giving me a
gray scale mask and a binary mask. I don't know what cause it to switch back
and forth. Right now all it's producing is binary masks when I use it.

Does anyone know how to get Mask Data to only create a gray scale mask (and no
binary masks) ?

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